IPv6 Bridging


IPv4 / IPv6




As IPv4 addresses will soon become unavailable, organizations everywhere will soon be faced with the very real need to migrate over to IPv6. The Network Box IPv4 / IPv6 Bridging engine supports bi-directional translation between IPv4 and IPv6, allowing IPv4 clients to connect to IPv6 servers, and vice-versa. It is designed to help organizations with their migration to IPv6, while integrating naturally with any IPv4 network.


The system is fully dual-stack, with all middleware services developed from the ground up to be IPv6 capable. Network Box also offers an IPv6 Border Gateway Protocol solution that can be installed along-side the IPv4 to IPv6 bridging service to allow customers to connect their IPv6 network to the IPv6 internet.




IPv4 to IPv6 / IPv6 to IPv4 Bridging


The Network Box IPv4 / IPv6 Bridging engine is designed to assist you with migration to IPv6, and not merely to act as an IPv6 device on your network.

IPv4 / IPv6 Bridging diagram




IPv6 Ready Core Phase-2



Network Box is the first, and so far only, provider of Managed Security Services, to have had its proprietary managed security service delivery platform attain IPv6 Ready Core Phase-2 Certification.


IPv6 Ready Core Phase-2 Certified



Key Features

IPv6 Certified

Certified to IPv6 Ready Core Phase-2 Protocol standard.


Dual Stack interception

Dual-stack interception mechanism with outgoing protocol translation.

IPv6 border gateway protocol

IPv6 Border Gateway Protocol offered as a service.

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